How Positive Dog Training Can Make a Difference?

Several dog owners get a little too overawed with various dog training methods. Why not? Dog training is another important of raising a happy, healthy and obedient dog. The dog potty training method is usually the first training method dogs undergo. Next is the crate training method, where dogs’ nasty attitudes like chewing and destructive behavior are addressed. All these two training methods will lead us to the training the dog to be tamable which is called the dog obedience training. This solves both potty and chewing problems of your dog.

All dogs should be trained to walk on a leash so you can walk and control them especially in public places like parks, etc. leash training is very effective for this. Learning how to properly use a leash to help you in your dog training is also very important.

The most effective training method that most trainers recognize around the world is the positive dog training method. Several trainers said that this method is far more effective than punishment training. Positive training should be incorporated in trainings rather than using negative reinforcements.

  1. Dogs have different comprehension and learning abilities, like us humans. Some dogs are more fast learners than others; some requires extra time and effort in training. Consistency and patience in the activity is the key for effective training.
  2. Rewarding your dog for every good behavior will be the most effective way you can do. You can scold your dog or use loud noise to address unacceptable behavior if they are too aggressive, but remember to use this sparingly. It is still best to use positive dog training, for reinforcement always works better than punishment.
  3. There are so many training methods that can be used for your dog, choose a method that works best for your dog. You can do this by considering their breed (even in mixed-breed dogs). Most dogs have natural characteristics that make them easy to train or even much harder to train.
  4. Don’t ignore any behavior problems of your dog, these bad attitude is usually acquired. Most bad habits can easily be stopped in their tracks by using a little anticipation and good planning. It is not good to start dog behavior training too early.
  5. Make every training session fun for your dog, you can reserve a particular time for their training session. Keep the session short, 20- 30 minutes will do. Know your dog well and choose a time of the day where your dog is calm and approachable.

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