Former Votre Chien – Ne Laissez pas Votre Chien Vous Former

We all love our dogs and our dogs can feel this love. Don’t let them take advantage of this love. When training your dog you have to be consistent with your voice and body language. This is very important for success in your dog training.

We have all been there when trying to be serious in our training session and your dog does something cute or funny. Suddenly your serious training demeanor turns to a less serious manner. If this happens to often, your dog will relate one action to another. After all, that is probably how you are training your dog in the first place.

Now this is just going to happen from time to time, but you have to try not to let this happen too often. What will begin to occur is that your dog will catch on to this and if they don’t want to perform, they will just repeat the behavior that gets the response from you that they want. Dogs are like children in this way. They will try to get away with all you allow. You have to keep your voice commands and body language consistent during your training sessions. I certainly do not support mistreating your dog, but be firm and stand with authority. Consistency will breed effective dog training. Just be careful what you are being consistent about!

If for what ever reason you are having trouble remaining serious, it’s time to end this training and pick up again at another time. It is better to delay the training than to lose ground with your dog.

Once again,train your dog-don’t let him train you. This might seem like a insignificant issue, but dogs are very smart and the least little thing can effect how they respond to you. There will be many times in your life with your dog that his being well trained will make a huge difference in your relationship with him and with others.

Your dog knows when you are reacting to them. They live for this.They are always trying to get a response out of you, but you need to control what that response is.It is just as easy to teach your dog to react to what you are training them for as it is for your dog to react to what you are not training to do. For effective dog training, you need your dog to react to you. He needs to know that at all times you are in control.

There is a time and a place for the fun and love attention to take place. Our dogs need plenty of that as well, but the training comes first. It’s for the benefit of your dog and for you! A well trained dog is a healthier, happier dog.

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